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      [8:37:09 PM] Nico Blackman: no wonder is a wreck
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      Had mtn dew for the first time and man I think it's overrated.. not as good as I expected.
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    • Fashion Party 2015
      By Jad · Posted
      After 2 days of work, I have successfully finished the fashion party development on localhost on the AS3 PHP source Kitsune. Here are some code snippets: Here are some in-game pictures: It actually took me about 5 hours to get it working but I time management problems and stuff like that, so yeh. I really love that CP is making the party more difficult so that not anyone can copy it. Plus, I'm bored of just renaming some packets and then done. These were some fun 5 hours/2 days. My code is pretty simple, the complex part you guys might see is the two classes, well the when the choosing packet is sent, some security checks are done, then if the everything is fine, a new Outfit class is made to help the system up and etc..  
    • Loading Backgrounds
      By todd · Posted
      These would look so cool if they were an SWF, already looking pretty sweet though!
    • CP Follow Bot [Python - Penguin]
      By todd · Posted
      Three words: I love Python.
    • CP Follow Bot [Python - Penguin]
      By Lucas · Posted
      We don't have a CP section yet.
    • List of CPPS
      By todd · Posted
      You just left out some of the coolest CPPSes ever...
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