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    • Simple Python Web Server
      By Python · Posted
      I never said its useless too, great that you agree!
    • Simple Python Web Server
      By Dote · Posted
      I never said this is useless, But this Becomes less powerful that's what I say, If using in Glad to go with Django or Flask.
    • Windows Remixes
      By Python · Posted
      Most of these are using extra non OS sounds. Not sure if you included this one but I was pretty impressed.  
    • Simple Python Web Server
      By Python · Posted
      HTTPServer, FLASK & Django are great in functionality but they don't teach you much because a lot of the sockety bits are hidden from you, using Sockets lets the reader get to know how the Web Servers really work. Its also helpful when porting it to another language since most languages support sockets.
    • Cache - A Python implementation for [AS3] CPPS
      By Dote · Posted
      Cacher - A Cache Implementation for CPPS, using python   Cacher A flask embed Python implementation for CPPS, released in late June 2015. It has 2 versions - Cache and Cache-r made of Pyramid and Flask respectively. I recommend using only Flask version (Cache-r).   GITHUB:   Sprinkle-e/Catcher     Catcher A Cache implementation in Python. For AS3 CPPS Media-Server. Choose your best fit (Pyramid or Flask), I highly recommend Flask. Installation PYRAMID : Download and Paste it whereever you need!Use Python's pip or easy_install or etc.., Download Pyramid (This is written in Pyramid version - 1.5.7, If you to know more about this, Look below)go to media1/play/web_service/ open environment_data.xml Then , Replace all of media1.localhost/ with media1.localhost:3089/You are now ready to run Cache-r.FLASK: Download and Paste it inside media1 folder.Use Python's pip or easy_install or etc.., install Flask go to media1/play/web_service/ open environment_data.xml Then , Replace all of media1.localhost/ with media1.localhost:2332/ and for the same in index.htm (or your play html page).You are now ready to run Cacher.Uage If you want to use 'Catche-r', You must run the Python file. If it's not running , The catche-r will not work. You could try, python or Python (According to what you have chosen). Advance Trick: You could try changing port too. To-Edit: PYRAMID: In the, You wanna change the variable media1_path to the Path of your media1, eg:media1_path="C:\Xampp\htdocs\media1" FLASK : no need to edit anything for flask! Issues: If you find any issue with , Bug, error, etc., with this. Post an issue in github. Cons: PYRAMID: It has less advantage over the cache.php. script in comparison to cache.php is less readable requires two dependencies (pip and pyramid) as opposed to one (the php5-curl package, which many servers will prob end up needing later anyway) requires the end-user to modify their files FLASK : NoNoNo, Nothing except it want to be run all the time! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO USE FLASK - CACHE-R.
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